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Professor Douglas Fearon FRS FMedSci FRCP Basic Immunologist with a focus on Tumour Immunology


Doug is the Emeritus Sheila Joan Smith Professor of Immunology, University of Cambridge, Senior Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and at Weill Cornell Medicine, since 2014.
Doug received his M.D. from Johns Hopkins Medical School where he also trained and accredited in Internal Medicine. He was Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and at Johns Hopkins before coming to the University of Cambridge in 1993 to become the Wellcome Trust Professor of Medicine. He was elected to the Sheila Joan Smith Chair in Immunology in 2003, and joined CRI faculty as a Senior Group Leader in 2011.
Doug’s career has focused on studies of basic immune mechanisms involved in tissue damage and host defense. Recently he became interested in how the immune system interacts with cancer, with special attention to the question of how microenvironment of pancreatic cancer blunts immune attack. Accordingly, his laboratory is using a preclinical model of pancreatic cancer to study potential therapies that interrupt immune suppression and allow the immune system to control tumour growth. He is collaborating with Duncan Jodrell to investigate the relevance of these pre-clinical findings to the human condition.

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