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The London revolution Bike ride - 18/19th May 2012. 185 miles in 2 days!

Post Christmas when you are thinking of ways to get fit and planning an incentive to help you, well what you do not need is mad capped friends who tell you about mad cycle rides when you have never cycled a 100 miles in 1 day let alone 185 miles in 2 days but that's how Anne and I ended up doing this ride.

The training for it was hard work and I think we must have had the wettest Spring ever. I spent a lot of my time cycling in the rain. Anne and I would meet up and go off and do 60 miles or so at the weekend.

Within what seemed a very short space of time the weekend of the ride was upon us. Bikes were loaded onto the car and off we went to Docklands in London for the start. I think we both felt very nervous but excited. We registered for the ride and our overnight bags were loaded into vans which were to meet us at Windsor race course where our tents were ready and waiting for us. Our ride started with negotiating the North circular out of London on a Saturday morning, an adventure in itself. Very soon we were off eating up the miles and stopping at the regular pit stops for sustenance. We were very excited when we hit the half way point on Day 1.

I have to say when the end at Windsor race course was in sight I did feel very relieved and was happy to park my bike and head off to my tent and then a hot shower.

After a hearty meal and a chat with some other cyclists who were not watching the European cup final we headed off to our tents to snuggle down for the night and boy was it cold. I am so glad my sleeping bag was very warm.

Day 2 dawned and again the weather was dry if not a bit chilly. Breakfasted and ready for the off, my legs did feel a little bit tired and it was just as well that I had not really looked at the hills that we were to face. Box Hill and the North downs and then into London via Crystal Palace - another hill. The highlight of the day was going round the velodrome at Herne Hill, which was terrifying but also exhilarating. Both Anne and I did have sense of humour failures during the day, but the sense of achievement at the end was incredible.

The other great outcome was that we raised in total about £3500 for Pancreatic cancer and CRUK.

Amazingly we are also thinking of doing it again this year and aiming to beat our time.