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Dr Martin L Miller MSc PhD


Systems biologist with a focus on cell-cell interactions in cancer and proteomics technologies. Martin is a Junior Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. After receiving his PhD in 2008 in Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark, he joined Chris Sander’s group as a post doc at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York working on cancer genomics and modelling of oncogenic signalling pathways. Martin joined the faculty of Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute in 2015.

Martin’s research applies experimental and computational approaches to characterise cell signalling and cell-cell interactions in human cancers. He has developed mass spectrometry-based methods to distinguish proteins from different cell types, facilitating the analysis of intercellular signalling and cell communication in tumour microenvironment model systems. He is collaborating with Duncan Jodrell to use such technologies to determine the tumour intrinsic and -extrinsic factors that mediate drug resistance in pancreatic cancer.

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