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Pr L. Zitvogel


Pr L. Zitvogel, clinical oncologist and research director, has been actively contributing to the field of cancer immunology and immunotherapy since 1992. She brought together basic and translational research, including the design of cancer therapies through combined animal studies and Phase I patient trials. Her expertise is mainly dendritic cell and innate effector biology and relevance during tumour development as well as exosome-based vaccine designs. She pioneered the concept of immunogenic cell death and showed that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and inhibitors of tyrosine kinase mediate their tumoricidal activity, at least partly through the immune system. She recently uncovered the role of gut microbiota in regulating antitumor immunity during therapy with cyclophosphamide and ipilimumab. She received numerous Prizes and awards (Brupbacher, ASCO-SITC, ESMO, Baillet Latour, Griffuel…) from the National Academies (of medicine or Sciences, Elected Member of Academia Europaea), from INSERM (Translational Research Grand Prize), was nominated “Officer à l’Ordre de la Légion d’honneur” by the Health Ministery, and member of the National Academy of Medicine and of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences. Her H factor is 112, with >410 publications on PubMed, 52 000 quotations, and ranked by LabTimes Magazine, June 2013, the first female immunologist in Europe, based on N=111 papers issued from 2005-2011 cited N=7598 from 2005-2011, and by Thomson Reuters, one of the three top french scientists of the last 5 years. Currently directing the Research Department of ImmunoOncology at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, Grand-Paris, France, the TORINO-LUMIERE RHU and ONCOBIOME H2020 microbiome-cancer networks.