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Professor David Tuveson MD  PhD – Executive Board Member and Founding Director


David Tuveson relocated to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in August 2012 to take the position of Deputy Director at the CSHL Cancer Centre in New York.

After obtaining his medical and graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins, Dr. Tuveson completed his medical residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and medical oncology fellowship at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. At DFCI he trained in clinical experimental therapeutics with Dr. George Demetri where they together developed Gleevec as a treatment for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST).  Simultaneously, Dr. Tuveson completed a post-doctoral fellowship with Tyler Jacks at MIT where he generated endogenous models of mutant Kras and P53 to enable the construction of lung cancer models.  Dr. Tuveson was previously an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Medicine from 2002-2006, where his laboratory generated the first models of Pancreatic Cancer as part of the NIH MMHCC U01 consortium from 2003-2008 in GI oncology. 

His laboratory in Cambridge established a preclinical therapeutics effort to evaluate potential chemoprevention and intervention strategies for pancreatic cancer. Dr Tuveson reported that drug delivery is a previously unappreciated critical barrier to therapeutic intervention in his preclinical model and likely in pancreatic cancer patients, and his laboratory is now pursuing means to circumvent this.

Dr. Tuveson serves on the editorial board of Cancer Research, and on the advisory board of the Lustgarten Foundation and PanCAN. His honours include the Rita Allen Award.