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Joanna Calder – Research Nurse


Joanna joined the clinical cancer trials team at Addenbrookes after a 7 year career at the Royal Marsden Hospital.
She is now part of the multidisciplinary pancreatic and hepatobiliary team looking after patients that are participating in clinical trials. Her key responsibilities are to help identify patients eligible for clinical trials and to provide information and support for patients entering clinical trials. She is also involved in coordinating trial patient treatments, assessment, follow up and data collection according to the specifics of the clinical trial protocol. This involves close liaison with relevant departments including, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pharmacy, radiology outpatients and inpatient areas. Another key role is to provide a first point of contact for patients and their families requiring information and support and to liaise with other professional agencies as required. This enables her to ensure the delivery of high quality care to patients taking part in trials.