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Lena Loia - HPB Clinical Nurse Specialist – HPB Surgery


Lena qualified at the Nightingale Institute Kings College Hospital London in 1994. Since that time she has worked in general medicine at the John Radcliffe Oxford and graduated with a BA Honours from Oxford Brookes in 1997. From there she has worked at the Royal Sussex County hospital in digestive diseases and then as a night sister where she covered medicine and surgery. She moved to Cambridge in 2000 and has since gained further experience in hepatology and clinical research after which became a ward manager for the UGI and HPB surgery ward. Lena currently is the surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist for the HPB unit at Addenbrookes hospital. Her main focus is to make sure all HPB patients that are referred to the surgical unit at Addenbrookes are treated efficiently and with integrity ensuring that the focus is, and will always be the patient . She is enthusiastic in raising the profile and knowledge base about HPB conditions to nurses and other professionals.