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Mignon Umahon – Surgical HPB Support Nurse


Meg initially registered in the Philippines on 2009 and started working as an Orthopaedic and Surgical ward nurse at St Luke’s Hospital and Medical Centre-Global City, a tertiary and JCI accredited hospital. She then ventured to gain experience in Qatar at Hamad General Hospital as a Surgical staff nurse for almost 5 years. Acquiring diverse and multicultural experience on bedside nursing care, she moved to the UK on 2016 and worked as a Urology staff nurse at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Her current role as an HPB Support Nurse involves monitoring patients to ensure that they are discussed in MDTs, supporting them in clinic, guiding them through their pre-operative journey and during their recovery, as well as keeping patients fully informed when under surveillance. She aims to ensure that the diverse needs of the patients are met by ensuring that compassion along with expert specialised care is provided for all patients that are referred to the HPB service.

“Being a part of this regionally and nationally regarded team makes me immensely proud and inspires me to contribute to the success that is delivered to the population group.”