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Dr David Adams B.Sc (Hons) PhD


Geneticist with a Focus on Experimental Models of Human Malignancies and large-scale DNA sequencing.
David is a Senior Group Leader at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, a CRUK Senior Fellow, and Adjunct Faculty at the Cambridge Cancer Research Institute.
David received his PhD in Physiology and Medicine at the University of Sydney, Australia. He then moved to the Sanger Institute in 2001 as a CJ Martin Fellow, becoming a CR-UK Career Development Fellow, and then a CR-UK Senior Fellow in 2012.
David’s research has focused on the development of models of human disease. In particular David’s group has deployed genetic screening approaches in cancer models to identify genes that drive tumour development. In a screen performed in a model of pancreatic cancer in collaboration with Dr. David Tuveson the gene USP9X was identified and found to be an important mediator of disease progression. More recently David’s group has been identifying genes involved in regulating genomic instability, a key hallmark of cancer development, and also heritable genetic factors that influence an individual’s likelihood of developing cancer.

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