People: Post-docs & Trainees

Michael Gill, Graduate Training Lead

Mike is a Principal Scientific Associate in the Miller lab

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Shalini Rao, Postdoc representative

Shalini is a Senior Research Associate within the Carroll lab

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Eloise Lloyd, PhD representative

Eloise started her PhD in the Biffi Lab in October 2020 studying the role of genetic mutations in pancreatic cancer cells in shaping the tumour microenvironment.

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Hannah Buckley, Clinical PhD student, Jodrell lab
Tania Campos, Research Associate, Evan lab
Anne Christin Machel, PhD student, Miller lab
Sheng Lee, PhD student, Halim lab
Stela Monk, PhD student, Halim lab (co-supervised by Liau and Venkitaraman)
Gianmarco Raddi, Medical Student; Postdoc, Halim lab
Ty So, PhD student, Thaventhiran lab
Thomas Yip, PhD student, Halim lab
Vincenzo Graziano, Clinical PhD student, Jodrell lab
Shalini Rao, Senior Research Associate, Carroll lab
Julie Stockis, Research Associate, Halim lab
Joaquín Araos Henríquez, PhD student, Biffi lab
Eloise Lloyd, PhD student, Biffi lab
Nicole Sodir, Research Associate, Evan lab
Oliver Cast, PhD student, Miller lab
Celine Garcia, Senior Research Associate, Halim lab
Sabita Islam, Lab Practitioner and Data Manager, CRUK Cambridge Centre Pancreatic Cancer Programme
Roderik Kortlever, Research Associate, Evan lab
Ben Lam, Research Associate, Evan lab
Tyler Shaw, Research Assistant, Evan lab
Jonathan Parker, PhD student, Evan lab
Catarina Pelicano, PhD student, Carroll lab
Adelyne Chan, Research Associate, Narita lab
Andrea Bistrovic Popov, Research Associate, Fruk lab
Mikyung Kelly Seo, Research Associate, Morris lab
Berna BouTayeh, Research Associate, Miller lab
Francesca Melle, PhD student, Fairen-Jinimez lab
Sergio Mercado, Research Associate, Fairen-Jinimez lab
Kate Williamson, Research Assistant, Thaventhiran lab
Victoria Hardy, PhD student, Walter lab
Priscilla Cheng, PhD student, Biffi lab
Charlotte Simpson, PhD student, Halim lab
Judhell Manansala, Research Assistant, Biffi lab
Miriam Ferrer González, PhD student, Venkitaraman lab
Alexander Fulton; Pre-registrar training, Clinical Research Fellow, Saeb-Parsy lab