The European registry of familial pancreatic cancer and hereditary pancreatitis initiated in 1997. EUROPAC is a research study aiming to understand inherited conditions of the pancreas. They recruit people with a family history of pancreatic cancer and people who have been diagnosed with hereditary pancreatitis. They offer secondary pancreatic cancer screening to those who are considered to be at a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

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PCUK Cuppa

Online support session for anybody who has had a disgnosis of pancreatic cancer

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Family, Friends and Carers’ Cuppa

Online support session for family, friends and carers

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The Elizabeth Coteman Fund

The Elizabeth Coteman Fund is a successful, family-established and run charity dedicated to improving the survival rate and quality of life for those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and their families. The charity provides emotional support and advocacy for patients and carers, problem solving, and financial grants for those dealing with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It also actively supports research through its involvement with the Pancreatic Cancer Programme at CRUK Cambridge Centre, which includes financial support for those involved in clinical trials.

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Educational videos from Jreissati Pancreatic Centre at Epworth

The Jreissati Pancreatic Centre at Epworth (JPCE) is a centre of excellence in research, clinical care and patient experience for people with pancreatic cancer. JPCE is the first of its kind in Australia.

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Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

Cambridge charity offering support for local people diagnosed with cancer, and their families at any stage of their cancer journey. The wide range of support includes courses, 1:1 complementary therapies, specialist support groups and social activities.

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Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN) is the charity which aims to transform the quality of life of those living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis or those caring for someone with a diagnosis. They provide a programme of free activities in the Huntingdonshire area including support groups, yoga and exercise, community nursing and the opportunity to talk to someone who understands.

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Everyone's home of cancer care: Charity with team composed of support specialists, psychologists and benefits advisors providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online

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Made for Life Foundation

Aims to provide holistic support for people going through cancer with info on spas offering Cancer Touch Therapy around the UK

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Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care: A credible and recognised source for consumers, spas and therapists to unite in a common goal - to provide a safe haven and professional hands to those touched by cancer

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