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Dr. Trevor Littlewood – Research scientist


Trevor co-runs (with Professor Gerard Evan) an academic research group at the University of Cambridge, department of biochemistry. Trevor’s interest in oncogenic signalling started at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in the late 1980s and continued at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now CR UK), the MRC laboratory of Medical Biology and, since 2010, at the department

More about Trevor: Trevor’s career has focused on the basic molecular mechanisms that drive cancer. He has spent several decades trying to unravel the complexities of Myc-dependent oncogenesis using both cell culture and sophisticated switchable genetically modified mouse models. The ability to rapidly activate and deactivate Myc protein activity in animal models has been instrumental in understanding how Myc drives tumourigenesis. We have shown that, in each tissue, Myc hacks into that tissue’s specific regenerative programme. Since Myc is deregulated in most, perhaps all, tumours it is likely that Myc-driven regenerative programmes contribute to the tissue-dependent phenotype exhibited by tumours. More recently, Trevor has become interested in understanding how alterations in Myc expression perturb a network of related interacting proteins and whether perturbations in the activity of other network proteins also contributes to cancer.